Allen’s Awesome Holiday

I took some time off from work last fall to go travelling. I didn’t know at the time, but my trusty iPhone was conveniently logging my location, making it really easy to map my travels using the iPhone Tracker app. Thanks Apple!

Part 1: Road Trip USA

The day after leaving my job,  I tossed my sleeping bag and tent into my car and drove off to explore America. I drove coast to coast, driving over 12k miles, visting 15 national parks along the way.  The National Park Pass a fantastic deal, allowing for unlimited entry to all National Parks and Federal recreational areas for only $80!

Part 2: New Zealand

Driving around New Zealand

I went to New Zealand a couple years ago, and have been wanting to go back ever since.  New Zealand is paradise if you love the outdoors.

So after recovering from Road Trip USA, I headed off to New Zealand in December. I rented a car and continued my road trip in NZ by driving almost 1500 miles around the North and South Islands. Unfortunately, I often kept my iPhone powered off because of the astronomical $2.29/min international voice roaming charge, and the even more exorbitant  $19.97/MB international data roaming charge.

I had a fantastic time, and enthusiastically recommend New Zealand as my favorite travel destination.

Part 3: Thailand and Singapore

The travels continue onto Thailand and Singapore in 2011

In many ways, Thailand is the opposite of New Zealand – it’s very crowded, extremely chaotic, and terribly polluted. Bangkok was  a shock on many levels after exploring New Zealand the previous month.

After learning the hard way in New Zealand that $19.97/MB for data roaming adds up really freaking fast, I kept my iPhone off most of the time I was in Thailand.  However, I did occasionally turn it on, in the hopes of getting free WiFi, but that seems to be a foreign concept in Thailand, at least for farangs. I had a great time in Thailand, especially after I got out of Bangkok. It’s amazing how inexpensive it is to live a really good life in some parts of the world.

After spending January in Thailand, I decided to return to the First World by going to Singapore for few days.  I ate delicious food (the street food scene was incredible) and enjoyed impeccable levels of cleanliness and sanitation. (cleanliness is the law!)

It was awesome to be able to take a break to go travelling, and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to just drop everything and go do it. So where’s my favorite place? There’s no place like home, and San Francisco is without a doubt my favorite place to be.

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